Yg Acoustics

To: Ofir Gafkovich
From: YG Acoustics, Yoav Geva

,Dear Mr. Gafkovich

.It has been 6 years now since we first started working together on our company’s website, www.yg-acoustics.com

Throughout these years, every step of the way was a pleasure. We would like to express our appreciation for your outstanding level of service

We would like to commend you especially for your impeccable meeting of deadlines, which from our experience is without parallel in your industry

.We wish you the best of luck and continued success

,Sincerely yours

Yoav Geva
And the YG Acoustics Team
Yoav Geva (Gonczarowski)

YG Acoustics LLC
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Arvada, CO 80002
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